Episode 31: The Boys Are Back in Town by Victor Aparicio


We have a fantastical episode with a classic cast that's full of laughs, aspergers-y behavior, excessive complaining and a copyrighted mouse with a pen island for a muzzle. 

Starring Andy, Aaron, Craig and Victor.

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Episode 28: More Like PC Masturbation Race by Victor Aparicio

Look PC gamers. You may think you're all that and a bag of chips because you can run baby games like Witcher 3 at 4K 60 frames. But you also have to figure out why PUBG chugs when you have 960s in SLI with an i7 overclocked at 3.14 GHz. Better turn down folige and shadows to stable, but oh no the UI doesn't scale to your ultrawide 3440 x 1440 rez. Better buy more RAM.

Episode 22: The Death of the Music Album by Victor Aparicio

The music album. Once a respected force. It had the power to move emotions and reap havoc on our youths apparently. Now it's nothing more than noises and half-assed lyrics. Most of all, it's me just being older and realizing that I can just look for better music than just complaining about it. Oh wait, that's not what this is about. It's about music not actively being listened to as albums. I screwed up this episode summary...

Starring Aaron, Victor and Andrew.

Episode 20: Where Are All The Handhelds!? by Victor Aparicio

It's the end of an era. Handhelds, the precious childhood items that enabled more gaming away from the TV as well as great adventures in-game and on the go in the real world. Well, Nintendo and Sony says fuck all that noise. We talk about how sad that makes us.

Starring Amanda, Victor and Aaron. Guest starring Isis the cat and Craig the human.

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Episode 19: Can People Just Stop Dying!? by Victor Aparicio

Welp.. This year sucked ass but at least you got some SpeakGeeky to tide you over for the next few days of sadness. but in 2017, we are anew! Rejoice, Heaven sing... blah blah blah... more people will die and I'm crying now :(

Anyways, the gang regale tales of the best games and best games to come. We also get kinda sad but that's okay because it's all over now!

Starring Victor, Aaron and Amanda

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Episode 17: Be The Next SpeakGeekyer! by Victor Aparicio

PlayStation Experience is around the corner again! Craig, Victor and Aaron are gearing up and ready to cover the event for you. And by cover we mean freaking out and forgetting to take pictures. Anyways, Do you wanna be on SpeakGeeky? Can you Speak the Geeky? Then... I don't know, we'll hang out with you more often and record once or twice a week.

Starring Victor and Aaron.

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Episode 15: Final Fantasy 15 is the 15th Final Fantasy by Victor Aparicio


Once again, the audio is rough but SpeakGeeky plus Andrew continue on to bring you "A Wait Forgotten: Final Fantasy XV"

Get what I did there? You see the Final Fantasy series is always doing like backwards subtitle things with their games and movies and I just did that. Obscure titling too, like where else would you see a name for that at? Anyways, Here's the podcast it's awesome, kinda like Final Fantasy XV.

Starring Andrew, Victor and Aaron.

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Episode 12: Live In Fresno, It's SpeakGeeky by Victor Aparicio

Loads of fun was to be had already when we did a livestream for a currently running podcast. WHAT!? That's right. SpeakGeeky was live and you missed it. Unless you watched it and you still wanna listen to the audio. That's a great fan, thank you. Anyways, We Facebooked live our recording and that's what's happened!

Starring Andy, Aaron and Victor.

And Cesar. And George. And Jacqueline. And Cristina. And Viry. And Craig. And Tim. And Andrew. And (Daniel) Beast. And (Cool) Victor. And Jorge. And Lauren. Thank you, Guys. We love you.

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