Victor Aparicio

Playing video games is dope but what's better is reading about video games. Also pretending to know all about video games while complaining about not having enough time to play video games.

Currently consuming: Umbrella Academy Vol. 1, Wolfenstein 2, Life is Strange: Before the Storm.



Aaron Dehmlow

I was born in a log cabin without a father or mother. The only family I know is the rustic logs that birthed me. After I managed to finally understand how a doorknob worked I ran away from home to join the circus, but fate had better plans for me. I took refuge in the spacious walls of Craig's house where during a sleepover Victor found me and they came to love me. Until one day I was adopted into their secret society known publicly as the ghostbusters.

Currently consuming: Monster Hunter World, Trove.



Craig Terry


Currently Playing: Gungeon.




Reimagined in late 2015, SpeakGeeky is the idea of four friends expanding on the things they loved the most and having fun doing it, as well as being really really mean to each other. Talking about things like video games, comics, movies, what-ifs, a motorcycle once and even our own lives; SpeakGeeky ends up being about friends hanging out like any other.