Live in the Living Room: George Anthony by Victor Aparicio Watch George Anthony from MAUi perform the never-before-played song "Stereocloud" in my living room while my parents are gone.

Video - Victor

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Talent - George

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Is Korra worth it? by Aaron Dehmlow


iskorraworthit2 So there I was right, buying a game that I know I'll probably never finish when I spy myself “The Legend of Korra” game (based off of the show). Immediately after I bought it, I figured I was going to regret it but turns out it's sort of a continuation of the show and I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. Which got me thinking, was the show really that good? And is it something I would actually recommend people spend 26 hours of their life on? I couldn't help but wish that I had someone recommend it to me so I know what I should expect. And BAM! Well what do you know, here we are.

To start off, “The Legend of Korra” is - let's call it “a sequel" to ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender.’ A show that was undoubtedly one of my favorite things to watch as a kid and still one of the top stories I've ever heard. As someone who deeply enjoyed the explanations of how fictional worlds work, ‘Avatar’ gives such a unique take on the manipulation of elements. Even though it was a kid’s show, I found the way it flowed together, even masterfully written. Four main races of people from completely different cultures having unique connections to the one of each fundamental element nature as to ofer; Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Each culture having "Benders," which have the ability to control and create these elements. But only one, known as the “Avatar,” can control them all. Using a blend of many Eastern influences, “Avatar” gives us a world of beauty, balance, creativity, and war.

Assuming that anyone reading this article already knows the basic story of the show, “The Legend of Korra” takes place after The Last Airbender’s protagonist Aang's passing. Korra is a different Avatar right from the beginning, by already knowing how to bend earth, fire and water. Which compared to the “prequel” leaves little character development or growth. Admittingly, I was disappointed by the idea that she did not have to learn through all the elements. Though when you take the whole series into account, there really isn't any other way. She also is fierce and confrontational, the complete opposite of Aang's character. Of course, the very world Korra lives in is dramatically different, there is no war and all people are united once again.

This all takes place in a pretty steampunk-style world filled with all sorts of interesting clever gadgets and yes, even some Mechs. I have to say yet again I was slightly disappointed. The charm of “The Last Airbender” was gone for a more modern action packed scene. Don't get me wrong, there were some pretty great things to come out of this pre-modern alternate reality technology, it just didn't feel like the Avatar I knew. This one was also broken up into books as the original was, four books with 12 episodes rather than three with 20. The story also didn't carry as much as “The Last Airbender” did, throughout that show there was one goal, one bad guy, and nearly seamless finales with the beginnings of the next book. “Korra” on the other hand, the first season (while great on its own) really had nothing to do with the other three and as the events of the second season carry slightly into the third. The fourth season is more like the aftermath of the real series. Although one thing that was lacking in the “The Last Airbender” that was wonderfully explained and portrayed in “The Legend of Korra” was the origin of the Avatar itself. It didn't feel like it was just thrown in, the side story of the original Avatar and all bending was absolutely the highlight of the entire show.

The thing is, if you loved “Avatar” like I did and you are craving more of that magical enticing world of power, than “The Legend of Korra” is a worthy stop on your trip through the spirit world. None of the slight deterrents like, never finding out about Zuko's mom or why all of Aang's friends are alive but not him despite being the youngest, will turn you away for long. Because we don't watch it for its logic, we watch it for its power to make us feel like we are a part of an almost believable world filled with magic, lore and purpose. We watch it because not only does the Avatar bring hope to his world, but to ours as well. It's not just some show that was fun to watch at some point, it's something that we can relate to and be inspired by. So if you ask me if it was worth it, I'd tell you, “hell yeah, man!” Now let's get some beer, marathon all night and go on a wonderful ride.


Changes and updates (8/23/15) by Victor Aparicio


Hey, everyone. How are you doing? I am well. You may have notice a few changes on the site. I implemented some Google Adsense stuff so now you'll see ads on pages and episode updates. Now I'm not gonna tell you to click them or not to disable ads. You can do whatever you want, and let's be honest, this site ain't raking in the cash. BUT I am hopeful for the future of the Nerdcast Spectacular. Craig, Aaron and Andy (and possibly Alex) really want to do bigger and better things for our audio and video content. It's just a matter of getting together and making it happen. So when the day comes when we're able to put out more content and have some traffic, I want the guys to at least be able to not only have a good sense of accomplishment but also be able to grab a cold preferred beverage for all their hard work. If you ask me, that's the dream right there :)

Also we have an instagram. We know how much you guys love that stuff. Aaron has done a good job managing the account and it'd be awesome if you guys followed and hearted all his wacky antics.

And finally, comments are coming back. it's funny because I was thinking about putting them back for a few weeks then someone asked if we can have them for the episode pages. So... yeah, that's definitely happening. In fact, it should be working already but Disqus, a commenting plugin, is being really dumb now so I have to troubleshoot it tomorrow.

Anyways, thank you guys for all your support so far. Even if you glance in our direction, we appreciate the time. If you're an avid listener, please share our show with someone. The effort we put in will feel worth it knowing the garbage we spew from our mouths hits fans right in the ear canal and makes them smile.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Breaking News: Antoine Castillo Found Dead, Possibly By Skateboards by Victor Aparicio


Fresno local Andy Cazares was found dead in the resident of a close friend Tuesday night. Cervantes was on his way home after a long day of tri-flipping and bleeding out the nose when suddenly he decided to go for the quad-flip for the first time. Cabellero also thought it was a good idea to do the infamous flip at a friend’s house, Victor Aparicio. “[Cabrera] just came in pushed me to the floor said that I better have Oreos ready for when he lands his trick,” said Aparicio. No eyewitnesses were present when Cerilas died so most theories are just speculation. Officer Rohdey had this is say, “I was on break when the call came in, so I don’t even know what you’re talking about."

Others say that they believe Camacho was emo and wanted to off himself. “This one time, [Cafarella] asked if I worked out which frustrated me … I yelled back wondering why he had such a morbid view of life.”

Antonio Carrasco (right) during a recent trip to poundtown.

Cruz was born on October 32, 1930 in Buckingham, KY. He moved to the Fresno area in 1914 to pursue his dream of suing Eric Koston for rent money. Cordova also liked kids, like REALLY liked kids that he opened a children bathing service under Interstate 5.

Cairo was also a co-host for the Nerdcast Spectacular internet radio show which is nearing 100 likes on Facebook. His co-host Craig Terry had this to say, “Andrew was always a great guy… I mean, he wasn’t great.. But he was bad either. [Camberos] kinda like a plumber that does good work but would take forever since he was paid by the hour. You hate him but you appreciate his work.”

Now, Camacho lives on Aparicio’s floor until paramedics find a way to make the smell go away before removing Cadwallader’s body.

Story is updating…


"Am I dead to the world yet?" said Nerdcast Spectacular Co-host Craig Terry after clicking the deactivate profile link.

Craig Terry at work taking a “selfie” during his break. (photo courtesy of Facebook Messenger)

On March 20th around noon, Craig Terry proceeded to deactivate his Facebook account. The information came from a close friend, Andy Cervantes

"He just comes on [Facebook] Messenger and said to text him if we needed him and that was that," said Cervantes.

Terry couldn't be reached for comment because he's a turd nerggler.

The story is developing...

Update: Craig Terry was finally reached for comment. Below reads his statement over a static-ridden cell phone call, thanks Sprint.

"I drink every day and I'm just so sad ... I just wanna be a normal person so I decided to not be famous... So I am no longer famous," said Terry.

A local fan voiced his concern over the then-famous podcaster. "Who is Craig? Please leave my house before I call the cops."

[pullquote]So I am no longer famous - Craig Terry[/pullquote]

Terry was also quick to confirm his continued involvement with his show, The Nerdcast Spectacular, which still uploads every Tuesday Thursday on and iTunes.

"Just because I'm not famous doesn't mean I won't be on the show, star in a half nude movie or put my heartbeat on the Internet for potheads to enjoy, God bless," concluded Terry.

Submit your question, concerns and suggestions to Craig's no longer famous show on the Facebook page or to

Nerdcast Spectacular available on iTunes and preferred Android podcast apps! by Victor Aparicio

itunesrssfeedWe're recording our new episode tomorrow with special guest Joel Torres. So look forward to that on Tuesday. And as a reminder, the podcast is available on iTunes so subscribe to get the show automatically on your iDevices. (P.S. I don't know why the thumbnail isn't showing up on my iPod.)

As for you tried and true Android users, you may or may not know that you can get podcasts uploaded to iTunes downloaded straight to your phone or tablet.

I'll show you instructions from my favorite podcast listening apps, Podcast Republic and Pocket Casts, which are free and paid, respectively.

Home screen of Republic has a search at the top, type Nerdcast Spectacular and ta the flag to subscribe!


Other Android apps should work the same way in terms of searching and setting up auto downloads, just as long as your app has access to podcasts on iTunes' servers.

Anyways, We're looking forward to tomorrow's episode! Please send your nerdy questions to or to our Facebook page. See ya Tuesday! - Victor

Thanks for the support! by Victor Aparicio

As of right now, we have 64 likes on our Facebook page. Which is serious more than we expected so please keep sharing! To surprise you sweet people, I have an extra episode, exclusively on

It's a pilot episode that didn't go up because we mostly wanted to test the equipment and we kinda had nothing to talk about. Still kinda funny and has our good friend Rodhey Low. But be warned, it starts getting REALLY TMI around the 7 minute mark. Definitely NSFW. So hopefully you don't get too embarrassed.

But without further ado, I give you, Nerdcast episode 0.2!