"Am I dead to the world yet?" said Nerdcast Spectacular Co-host Craig Terry after clicking the deactivate profile link.

Craig Terry at work taking a “selfie” during his break. (photo courtesy of Facebook Messenger)

On March 20th around noon, Craig Terry proceeded to deactivate his Facebook account. The information came from a close friend, Andy Cervantes

"He just comes on [Facebook] Messenger and said to text him if we needed him and that was that," said Cervantes.

Terry couldn't be reached for comment because he's a turd nerggler.

The story is developing...

Update: Craig Terry was finally reached for comment. Below reads his statement over a static-ridden cell phone call, thanks Sprint.

"I drink every day and I'm just so sad ... I just wanna be a normal person so I decided to not be famous... So I am no longer famous," said Terry.

A local fan voiced his concern over the then-famous podcaster. "Who is Craig? Please leave my house before I call the cops."

[pullquote]So I am no longer famous - Craig Terry[/pullquote]

Terry was also quick to confirm his continued involvement with his show, The Nerdcast Spectacular, which still uploads every Tuesday Thursday on and iTunes.

"Just because I'm not famous doesn't mean I won't be on the show, star in a half nude movie or put my heartbeat on the Internet for potheads to enjoy, God bless," concluded Terry.

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