Breaking News: Antoine Castillo Found Dead, Possibly By Skateboards / by Victor Aparicio


Fresno local Andy Cazares was found dead in the resident of a close friend Tuesday night. Cervantes was on his way home after a long day of tri-flipping and bleeding out the nose when suddenly he decided to go for the quad-flip for the first time. Cabellero also thought it was a good idea to do the infamous flip at a friend’s house, Victor Aparicio. “[Cabrera] just came in pushed me to the floor said that I better have Oreos ready for when he lands his trick,” said Aparicio. No eyewitnesses were present when Cerilas died so most theories are just speculation. Officer Rohdey had this is say, “I was on break when the call came in, so I don’t even know what you’re talking about."

Others say that they believe Camacho was emo and wanted to off himself. “This one time, [Cafarella] asked if I worked out which frustrated me … I yelled back wondering why he had such a morbid view of life.”

Antonio Carrasco (right) during a recent trip to poundtown.

Cruz was born on October 32, 1930 in Buckingham, KY. He moved to the Fresno area in 1914 to pursue his dream of suing Eric Koston for rent money. Cordova also liked kids, like REALLY liked kids that he opened a children bathing service under Interstate 5.

Cairo was also a co-host for the Nerdcast Spectacular internet radio show which is nearing 100 likes on Facebook. His co-host Craig Terry had this to say, “Andrew was always a great guy… I mean, he wasn’t great.. But he was bad either. [Camberos] kinda like a plumber that does good work but would take forever since he was paid by the hour. You hate him but you appreciate his work.”

Now, Camacho lives on Aparicio’s floor until paramedics find a way to make the smell go away before removing Cadwallader’s body.

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