Changes and updates (8/23/15) / by Victor Aparicio


Hey, everyone. How are you doing? I am well. You may have notice a few changes on the site. I implemented some Google Adsense stuff so now you'll see ads on pages and episode updates. Now I'm not gonna tell you to click them or not to disable ads. You can do whatever you want, and let's be honest, this site ain't raking in the cash. BUT I am hopeful for the future of the Nerdcast Spectacular. Craig, Aaron and Andy (and possibly Alex) really want to do bigger and better things for our audio and video content. It's just a matter of getting together and making it happen. So when the day comes when we're able to put out more content and have some traffic, I want the guys to at least be able to not only have a good sense of accomplishment but also be able to grab a cold preferred beverage for all their hard work. If you ask me, that's the dream right there :)

Also we have an instagram. We know how much you guys love that stuff. Aaron has done a good job managing the account and it'd be awesome if you guys followed and hearted all his wacky antics.

And finally, comments are coming back. it's funny because I was thinking about putting them back for a few weeks then someone asked if we can have them for the episode pages. So... yeah, that's definitely happening. In fact, it should be working already but Disqus, a commenting plugin, is being really dumb now so I have to troubleshoot it tomorrow.

Anyways, thank you guys for all your support so far. Even if you glance in our direction, we appreciate the time. If you're an avid listener, please share our show with someone. The effort we put in will feel worth it knowing the garbage we spew from our mouths hits fans right in the ear canal and makes them smile.

Hope to talk to you soon.